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Blessed New Year Singapore.

Welcome to our new website and online e commerce platform.

Rotiboy is excited to announce that our 2nd outlet in the little red dot has just landed in Changi Airport T3 B2-28

Rotiboy Signatures

Rotiboy signatures is originally made up of Only the Rotiboy bun which in early 2001 started the bun revolution and single handedly brought us to where we are today.

Since then the Boy family has expanded to include other siblings like Buttermilkboy, Mochaboy, Range.

Cheeseboy, Durianboy, making up the Rotiboy Signature Range.

Rotiboy’s iconic butter filled coffee bun, crispy on the outsides and moist on the insides .
The unforgettable taste that keeps you wanting more.

Chocolate filled with coffee topping, sprinkled with almond nibs.
A must try for chocolate and coffee lovers.

Cream cheese filling with grated cheddar cheese topping.
For all you cheesy people out there.