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Rotiboy, as an institution is the realisation of the desire by the founder to Build something to improve his life and at the same time able to contribute to and make a positive difference to the people around him.

Rotiboy, as a brand name also reflects the personal bond and relationship between the Founder and his then 1.5 years old nephew.

In essence, Rotiboy is about all about people and relationships and making a positive difference in this world. In this respect, serving and contributing to society and community is part of the values of the founder and the culture of Rotiboy, with the aspiration to touch and make a positive difference to the lives of the people of this world.

Rotiboy culture is also to always provide a sense of belonging. While we say the world is too huge and too wide for us to change alone, we can play a small part to make the world a better place to live in by being responsible for our own actions and by making our everyday choices for the good of the community and environment. It doesn't happen overnight, and sometimes we forgot. But it's formed by practicing one standard value based system in the company day in, day out on every task that we do, every problem that we solved, and every product that we produce, working towards the one day where doing the right thing will be a norm rather than an exception.